Ham Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society



NETS Organized, to relay messages, discuss topic of interest, severe weather Skywarn activation, emergencies, or simply as a regular gathering of friends for conversation; nets may be station to station, or utilize a repeater system for communication over a larger area. Area Nets
HAMFESTS Organized by amateur radio enthusiasts, for social gathering and promotion of the amateur radio hobby; activities may include commercial equipment vendors, flea market, and forums. Club Hamfest
ARRL Hamfest Locator
FIELD DAY Field Day (FD) is an operating, educational and public relations event. Meant to be fun, FD is always held during the fourth full weekend in June. Stations are encouraged to work as many stations as possible on most amateur bands and learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. FD Rules
FD Locator
DXing Making radio contact with distant stations - generally accepted as between operators in two different countries when on HF frequencies AC6V
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